Hey guys, I got bootmod3 but I have to unlock my DME, bootmod3 said that they’ll do it for me if I ship it to them. With that being said I’m planning on removing my DME myself from my 2020 supra, seems pretty easy. This might be a dumb question but I want to make sure I don’t break my car since...
  2. Looking for BM3 (SoCal)

    Looking for BM3 for a buddy. Lmk if you have it, preferably in SoCal. Thank you!
  3. bootmod3: Direct ENET cable support for iOS/Android (BETA)

    Hey guys, Wanted to share a quick announcement on the upcoming app/system update. Public beta of the new app with the embedded OBD Agent starting soon. This version of the app will allow for a direct cable connection of the ENET cable to your iOS device (iPhone, iPad). We’re just waiting on...
  4. Sold BM3 w/ obd cable and agent.

    I recently decided to let go of my Toyota Supra and now have a full BM3 software license that is in need of a new home. It’s a great tuning software, had a blast with it installed on my car. Will ship out the OBD cable and Agent once a deal has been made. PayPal only looking to get $250 shipped.
  5. bootmod3 vs. flash tool x,y,z

    There seems to be some information posted on this board by those vested in other tools in regard to bm3 that is either partially covered, missed, misunderstood and thus miscommunicated. We'll chime in just to clarify those points without referring to any competing products for courtesy reasons...
  6. bootmod3 New Live Dash Features Preview

    Hey guys, wanted to show you a preview of some new bootmod3 live dash features coming in version 0.10.101 including: - Two entirely dash layouts: Bar Graphs and Live Charts - Auto-datalogging: Starts logs based on configurable pedal input and cut off after lifting off in seconds - Auto-display...
  7. Mods DB

    One of the best things about the MKV Supra is how aftermarket friendly the car and community is. It hasn't been 6 months since the car hit the road and we're already seeing builds reach over 700 hp! Lots of parts and tunes are out there and still in development which makes it hard to keep up...