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  1. downpipe, exhaust, & Intake tune gains

    Hi, I bought a MKV supra 2020 and thought about keeping it stock for a while because it is fast from the factory, at least for me. However, being my first sports car, I went on youtube to see other consumers of the MKV tuning the vehicle and I could not resist to make mine super fast. I bought...
  2. EVL.MKV


  3. Crickets... give us some news Toyota!

    I hear crickets :) Give us some more teasers, info, rumors, whatever please.
  4. Automobile Article on Supra FT-1 and future Japanese sports cars

    Good, brief article worth a look. Everything they have to say seems pretty reasonable, although I think 2016 as a 2017 model for the Supra seems a little optimistic. I...
  5. Toyota FT-1 to make UK debut at Goodwood. Artist commissioned to paint it

    You probably know by now that the Toyota FT-1 Concept – originally unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show – is making its UK debut at the Goodwood Moving Motor Show and Festival of Speed between Thursday June 25 and Sunday June 28. What you won’t know however, is that we’ve commissioned...
  6. Toyota-BMW sports car venture progressing 'according to plan'

    Why does this feel like groundhog's day? :)
  7. Article - Akio Toyoda's Sports Car (and FT-1 Supra) Problem

    Toyota has a fascinating history when it comes to sports cars. The 2000GT of the 1960s was powered by a Yamaha-developed twin-cam straight-six and styled with enough sex appeal that a topless version -- one of two built -- earned a supporting role in the 007 classic "You Only Live Twice." The...
  8. How will the 86 and Supra MKV affect each other?

    Interesting take by this author on the FR-S sales downward trend. Why Scion FR-S Sales Have Plunged: The Life and Times of an Ultra-Niche Product When Toyota announced it was going to...
  9. Hybrid Supra Rumors & Chatter / B58 hybrid I had to post this if no other reason for a laugh :D On my way to pick up more salt!
  10. Reviving the Supra - does Toyota really benefit?

    The question on a lot of people's minds when talking about a company as successful as Toyota is whether they need a car like the Supra. They have been doing just fine it for many years now. I know Akio Toyoda is a serious gearhead and wants to see this car personally but how does the company...
  11. Should Toyota Supra keep FT-1 2+2 configuration? Or lose backseats?

    As we all know the FT-1 concept is a 2+2. But Toyota has stated a production version would be 10% smaller. Given that info should Toyota retain the 2+2 configuration? Or should FT-1 become a two seat sports car like the Corvette and Viper? Post your thoughts and comments below, and as always...
  12. Must Read: the Birth Story of the FT-1 Concept

    I posted the pics from the Calty studio here: Birth of a FT-1 concept March 2012: Calty makes pitch to Toyota top management May 2012: Toyota gives formal go-ahead for Calty to begin work June 2012: Calty team...
  13. FT-1 Toyota Sketches

    I found my new wallpaper :thumbsup:
  14. New Supra and Z4 will share platforms

    Other than the obvious Supra, what other cars could the FT-1 underpin for Toyota/Lexus?
  15. News: BMW FT1 Supra Project Moves Into Concept Stage

    Great news from Bloomberg!
  16. Toyota FT-1 3D Printed Keychain

    Here at the LA Auto Show they are giving out Toyota FT-1 3D-printed keychains (with a choice of color). How cool is this?
  17. Will FT-1 concept follow the FT-86 timeline?

    You think we'll see the roughly 2-3 years time span from concept to production that we saw with FT-86? That would put it into the early 2016 calendar year...