1. JB4 Tune for late 2021 A91?

    Just bought a JB4 tune for my late production 2021 Supra. Apparently since its a piggyback system it can get +80hp gains without touching the ECU. Is this the only route we can go from now on until they are unlocked? Currently running just an mst intake and planning on a Frequency Intelligence...
  2. Tune Options - Many to choose from, and been "out of the game" for a while.

    Hello all, I am sure this has been covered in detail in the past, but I am looking for success stories as well as a bit of education on the current tune options out in the world. I am in no hurry to do anything just more looking for info and feedback. I am most aware of two tuning options...
  3. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    I'm debating between saving up for Pure800 running 93oct, or just get E50 tune. I want to try to run a 10 on the strip, and do some rolling races against (tuned 2015 GTR, Tuned ZL1, Hellcat, etc). Right now I'm pushing 447whp and 510 wtq with 93 tune + DP + Intake.
  4. Gear got stuck

    Did anyone have an issue with 4th gear getting stuck on automatic mode? I floored on high way and 4th gear was trying to transition to 5th but got stuck in high rpm so I let off, switched to manual and then became fine.Then same thing happened in 5th gear in manual mode and also auto mode. My...
  5. Unmentioned Possible Expenses with Tuning

    PSA for EVERYONE. Two things here: 1. Please do not let a tuner/shop/parts reseller sell you an EcuTek Kit with the intentions to tune your car without mentioning the possibility of your ECU being locked first. People do not unlock ECU's for EcuTek for free. It is an expense and it is not...
  6. How many miles do I really need to tune to stage 1 Bootmod3?

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 2020 supra and it only has 300 miles on it. Is it safe to do an ecu tune now, what are your guys thoughts? Im looking into the bootmod3 Stage 1 tune. I heard good things about them, and can't wait to do it lol.
  7. Bootmod3 BM3 Boost By Gear Reduction Setting

    Hey Guys, I currently am running the stage 2 91 OTS map on my supra, with stock wheels. I am currently having traction issues in 1-3. What settings did you guys do to combat this? Did you just follow the recommended setting? Please let me know and share your solutions! Thank you!
  8. Titan Motorsports Protune V.1- $450

    Selling my Titan Motorsports Protune V.1 piggyback ECU. The product is in excellent condition. Willing to help install for anyone in the South Florida area. Price is $450 w/ free shipping to the continental United States.
  9. Still Having CEL even after Ecutek 93 dyno tune

    I always had the "P0141" "P0136" and the "p2273", but I got a Ecutek 93 dyno tune and the CEL went away for a few days but it came back again. Is it normal? I have a catless downpipe with fabspeed o2 extender
  10. ig: supra.448

    ig: supra.448

  11. 2020 Supra Tuners in NY/NJ/PA/CT area?

    Are there any good Ecutek dyno tuners in the east coast area?
  12. Looking for catted downpipe for Euro spec 2020 A90 Supra

    Hi folks, The mod db is awesome in the forum. Most of the items are fitted with US-spec Supra perfectly I believe. The problem is we have Euro spec with OPF version here. I'm looking for catted downpipe which works well with bootmod3 tune. Does any recommendation from Euro spec owner...
  13. BM3 vs Ecutek

    Which tuning company has the overall best comprehensive ECU tuning for MKV Supra? Lets lay it all out here ...
  14. Fast and Furious Supra build

    Fast and Furious Supra build

  15. aFe Power Products

    aFe Power Products in STOCK! We've got a bunch of options when it comes to aFe products. We've got downpipes--catless or catted, catbacks--stainless, burnt, black, or carbon tips, charge pipes--black or red, intakes--dry or oiled, and sway bars--front and rear! All aFe components mount...
  16. AMS MKV Supra

    AMS MKV Supra

  17. B48/B58 Flashing Capabilities

    Hello fellow forum-goers, I have some good news from the land of blown turbos solenoids, dead water pumps, snapped crank hubs, and failing high pressure fuel pumps! Recently, the B58 DME (Digital Motor Electronics/ECU/Computer that controls the motor and has encryption) has finally had a large...